WaveLab 9.5

A suite for audio mastering, restoring, creating, and editing
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Create original audio tracks and master, restore, or edit existing ones. Includes recording capabilities, mid/side monitoring, processing and more.

WaveLab 7 is a professional suite for creating, mastering, editing, and fixing audio. It was designed for professionals and engineers alike, as well as for Mac and Windows systems. It has many tools to complete a work, from batch processing to a 3-D frequency analyzer.

With the program tools users can create professional tracks. It has a dynamic compressor function with a graphic editing box, a time stretcher to calculate the time length precisely with perfect BPM, and many other tools.

The montage area is where the whole project is contained. It is composed of audio clips which contain audio settings and functions referencing the audio source file. These can be arranged on the same track or separately.

This program is very intuitive but it isn’t for amateurs. It has so many tools and each has its own settings that as a user you do require knowledge in audio editing. This release was redesigned in its interface to improve the workspace, making it look more like Mac applications.

It is now equipped with four different Workspaces: Audio File, Audio Montage, Batch Processor and Podcast. Each is dedicated to a specific job and provides a rich toolset for the respective tasks. Each Workspace is fully customizable, which makes the user interface easy to adapt to any requirements and workflow.

Another great feature of this version is the VST3 plug-in support, which are audio add-ins for playing, composing and producing music. On the downside, users have to be careful when installing this software for it asks to associate all .wav files to itself.

Available for Mac and Windows alike; please Note that if you want to try this program you must register and then a download link will be sent to you.

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  • Music editing
  • Individual controls and settings
  • Four separate modules to work on
  • VTS plug-in support
  • New mastering and fix tools
  • Customizable workspace


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